Raise the Curtain

Help us raise $18,000 towards a new curtain!

You may have noticed that our theatre curtain isn’t what it used to be! To replace the curtain bring it up to industry standard is a significant cost to the theatre.

If you’re a position to contribute, we’d love any help you can give. Donations start at just $2 and will be acknowledged on our website.

Thank you for your support of GCLT, the longest-running community theatre on the Gold Coast.

To officially commemorate and celebrate our fabulous new stage curtain, we have gathered some of our favourite GCLT performers to bring you an evening of musical theatre’s best opening numbers. 🎤
A GCLT event not to be missed! 🥂
We warmly welcome all members, guests, donors, supporters and lovers of all things theatre. We thank each person and group that has kindly donated to GCLT’s brand new curtain.👏
Please ensure you book a ticket https://GCLT.sales.ticketsearch.com/sales/salesevent/19518 and indicate your vaccination status where appropriate. 🎟
If you would still like to donate to our curtain fund raiser you can do so in two ways: 💵
> Via your booking to our first play of 2022 THE CAKE http://gclt.com.au/thecake/
Donations will close on the 8th of January, 2021!
You will also need proof of your vaccination status on arrival at the theatre and check in. ✅
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We extend a huge thank you to our valued supporters who have contributed to our new curtain!


Lynette Davis
Di Francis
Kelly Platell


Gael Ballantyne
Lisa Hunt
Pam Roberts
Hilary Schwartz


Catrina Byrne
Johanna Cunningham
Kristine Dennis
William Guthrie
Josephine Holman
Anthony Kennedy
Sue Osmond
Marlene Pratt
Jan Sky
Hayley Waddington


Glen Amos
Kamran Aazami
Cherie Ashton
Rebecca Blaje
Jade Boey
Luisa Braun
John Breckon-Thomas
Jamie Brewtnall
Val Calleson
George Cairns
Daniel Capper
Dyan Cloherty
Steven Coombes
Glen Croft
Bob Cunningham
John Davies
Steve Day
Kim Draper
Rita Duval
Mary Gerrard
William Guthrie
Frank Johnson
Les Karpathy
Philippa Kelly
Anthony Kennedy
Regina Kidd
Irene Knightly
Tanya Linnett
Michelle Macwhirter
Kerry Magner
Marion Martineer
Melissa Mattsson
Jam Marshall
Amy McPherson
Ellyn Mitchell
Leonor Nacua
Kelly O’Donnell
Kara-Rowena Orcullo
Jemma Organ-Fletcher
Bruce Oxenford
Louise Pase
Wilbert Paul
Claire Perrett
Christa Randall
Susan Sheng
Nathan Schulz
Erin Scott
Jan Sky
Sharon Tashi
Trudi Teren
Rosalind Thomson
Kelvin Van Niekerk
Gavin Vela
Alison Verbruggen
Michelle Watkins