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2021 One Act Play Festival: Entry Details

2021 One Act Play Festival: entry details

Directors, actors, writers…the competition will be on in May 2021!

The inaugural 2020 One Act Play Festival competition has unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID-19.

However, you can start planning your entry for next year! This is your chance to get your dream team together to produce a one act play.

Whether you choose a published play or write your own, you can compete for awards in the 10 Minute, Youth or Open sections. This is a fantastic opportunity for both established and new directors to bring their vision to life with a short-term commitment for your cast.

Details about Gold Coast Little Theatre’s 2021 One Act Play Festival will be announced late in 2020. Entry will be open to independent directors, theatre companies, schools and drama groups.

Festival Dates

Our One Act Play Festival will run in May 2021 – dates to be announced. Entries will open 1 November 2020 and close 31 March 2021.
Each play and section will be allocated a specific date and time when the entries have been collected.

General Rules
Entry is open to independent directors, theatre companies, schools and drama groups. An individual actor is permitted to perform in more than one play and for more than one company.

10 min section – Open to all ages.
Youth – 18 years and under. No member of the cast is to be over 18.
Open – Open to all ages.

The cost to enter a play is $30. You will be emailed an invoice after completion of your entry form. 

Tickets to watch each section are $10 each (more information on ticketing is below under Administration).

Time Limits
The minimum and maximum lengths of the play will be:
10 min section – 10 min
Youth: 20 – 40 min
Open: 30 – 45 min

Timing begins when the lights go up, or the first sound is heard (including recorded or live music / sound effects). Timing ceases on lights down, curtain or final freeze.

The adjudicators and scribes are under strict instructions to deduct 2 points for every 1 minute over or under these times.

Change over times between plays will be a maximum of 10 minutes; 5 minutes to set and 5 minutes to strike. Stage crews should be rehearsed to ensure these limits are met.

ENTRIES OPEN: 1 November 2020
ENTRIES CLOSE: 31 March 2021

All entries must be lodged and paid by this date to participate in the festival.

Stage specifications and set storage
▪ Stage size: 10 metres wide, 5 metres deep
▪ Black mid tabs 3.6 metres from the front of the stage
▪ Apron 1.2 metres in front of house curtain
▪ 2 sets of stairs (3 steps), one from each side, lead from stage to auditorium
▪ 3 entrances from wings on both sides
▪ Access to cross behind cyclorama back stage
▪ White Cyclorama up stage

Set storage
▪ We are encouraging you to be creative in your minimalist approach to staging, as there is extremely limited storage.
▪ Set delivery times will be allocated to you closer to the festival.
▪ Access to the stage is via double width, standard door height. No set piece can be larger than this.
▪ No glitter, open flames, water, hay, blood, sand or alike. Please respect our space.
▪ Please note, all sets must be removed at the conclusion of your section.

Lighting, Sound and Data
▪ Lighting and sound systems are available
• Data is available, you will be able to front project onto the cyclorama
• Each play must provide a crew member to instruct operators at the bio box. This person will call and support the GCLT technicians but will not be permitted to operate equipment.
• Music, sound or data should be provided on a USB
• Lighting will be limited to full stage wash, coloured washes, centre, stage left and stage right states, and a centre stage special
• Please carefully cue your tech scripts to assist our team
• Any additional electrical equipment brought to the venue must be tagged and tested appropriately to ensure its safety and compliance with Work Place Health & Safety standards. This includes leads.

Performance Rights
▪ All entrants are responsible for seeking Performance Rights, including the approval of any changes made to the original script.

Festival Administration
▪ Tickets are available for purchase prior to the event online, by calling 55322096 or at the box office.
▪ Some tickets may be available at the door, depending on availability.
▪ All participants are welcome to purchase a half-price ticket, to watch other plays in their section. The doors to the auditorium will be open at the end of each section for the presentation of awards.

Awards and Trophies
At the conclusion of each section, the winners and awards will be announced. The adjudicator will briefly describe the criteria of selection. The following awards will be presented:

▪ Best Actor Award –The adjudicator will select 2 outstanding actors from the section. These awards are not gender specific.
▪ Best play – overall winning play

▪ Supporting Actor Award –The adjudicator will select 1 or 2 outstanding actors in a supporting role from the whole section.
▪ Best Actor Award –The adjudicator will select 2 – 3 outstanding actors from the section. These awards are not gender specific.
▪ Outstanding Dramatic Performance – This award will be given at the discretion of the adjudicator for an outstanding dramatic performance /moment, to an individual, ensemble or play.
Outstanding Comic Performance –This award will be given at the discretion of the adjudicator for an outstanding comic performance /moment, to an individual, ensemble or play.
▪ Adjudicator’s Award – Perpetual and Keepsake Trophy. This award will be given at the discretion of the adjudicator for ANY aspect or performance or production to an individual, ensemble or play.
▪ Best original play – This award will be given to original script, not performed prior to 2020.
▪ First, second and third – overall winning plays.

Judging Criteria Mark out of 10
Acting skills – Interpretation, commitment, focus, characterisation, voice and movement.
Ensemble skills – timing, relationship, interaction, support, polish.
Direction – management of form / style, blocking, focus, rhythm, tension
Production – mood, symbols, set – costume, make-up, special effects, lighting and sound choices
Overall impact – script suitability, empathy, entertainment value, impact.
Total Marks out of 50:

Play information
Each play must provide the following information, which will be asked in the entry form: Festival Section, Company, Name of Play, Name of Playwright, Name of Director, and a short synopsis for promotional purposes.

Please email a document with individual cast photographs that identify each actor’s name and role. This is to assist the adjudicator in completing their task. This must be sent by 13 May, 2021.

Have a question? Please contact for more information. Chookas!