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Come and enjoy your favourite local performers perform songs and scenes as roles in which they would NEVER be cast!

This will be a unique, surprising (and likely hilarious!) night at the theatre, sure to be filled with some age-defying, gender-swapping MIScasting and a whole lot of fun.

COVID-19 Information
To allow for social distancing, the audience capacity is capped at 70. Tickets are general admission only, so specific seats cannot be booked for this event. Since the number of people allowed in the foyer is very limited, we ask that audience members wishing to purchase drinks from the bar please do so quickly and return to their seat to consume them. Thank you for your understanding as we negotiate this difficult time!

Interested in performing? Info will be posted on our Auditions page soon!


All tickets $15


Saturday 14 October, 7.30pm

Tickets on sale soon