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Dolphin Awards 2019

Dolphin Awards 2019

Dolphin Awards: 2019 Season

Our annual Dolphin Awards for our 2019 season will be held on Saturday 29 February, 6pm for a 6.45pm start.

The Dolphin Awards celebrate the past year of productions and reward the winners. Everyone is welcome to join us on the night to honour our casts and crews from Secret Bridesmaids\’ Business, The Sound of Musicals, One Act Plays Season, Away, The Addams Family
and The King and I.

Cost: $5. No RSVP required.
See you there!


Most Outstanding Contribution for AUDIO
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Lucas Cameron
The Sound of Musicals: Lawrie Esmond/Shane Caddaye
One Act Plays: Tabetha Woods
Away: Tabetha Woods
The Addams Family: Cody O’Prey
The King And I: Lawrie Esmond
Most Outstanding Contribution for LIGHTING
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Andrew Borg/Lawrie Esmonds
The Sound of Musicals: Andrew Borg/Darren Marshall/Shane Caddaye
One Act Plays: Luke Allan
Away: Darren Marshall
The Addams Family: Andrew Borg
The King & I: Andrew Borg
Most Outstanding Contribution for CHOREOGRAPHY
The Addams Family: Jo De Goldi
The King & I: Gemma Boucher
Most Outstanding Contribution for COSTUMES
Sound of Musicals: Cast
One Act Plays: Shirley Whitehouse
Away: Shirley Whitehouse
The Addams Family: Shirley Whitehouse
The King & I: Shirley Whitehouse
Most Outstanding Contribution as STAGE MANAGER
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Di Francis
The Sound of Musicals: Tabitha Woods
Away: Di Francis
The Addams Family: Ralph Lenton
The King & I: Di Morgan
Most Outstanding Contribution as PRODUCTION CREW MEMBER
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Georgia Krueger
The Sound of Musicals: Clarry Marshall
One Act Plays: Michelle Macwhirter
Away: Wendy Barnes
The Addams Family: Leeanne Schultz
The King & I: Connie Nowlan
Most Outstanding Contribution to SET
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Helen Maden/Lawrie Esmond
The Sound of Musicals: Lawrie Esmond
One Act Plays: Cast And Directors
Away: Lawrie Esmond
The Addams Family: Lawrie Esmond/Ann-Britt Riget
The King & I: Joe Bourke

Most Outstanding contribution to MUSIC
The Sound of Musicals: Mary Waters
One Act Plays: Elias Kokkoris/Matthew Teakle   
Away: Stuart Lumsden
The Addams Family: Taylor Holmes/George Pulley
The King & I: Ann Sparks
Most Outstanding Contribution as SUPPORT ACTOR
The Sound of Musicals: Male Ensemble-Shane/ Brad/ George
The One Act Plays: Patrick Phillips
Away: Rob Horton
The Addams Family: Nic Van Lits
The King & I: Flynn Anderson
Most Outstanding Contribution as SUPPORT ACTRESS
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Kate Learmonth/Kate McNair
The Sound of Musicals: Female Ensemble-Stef/ Naomi/ Ali/ Elizabeth/ Michelle
One Act Plays: Tianna Paget
Away: Kate McNair
The Addams Family: Chloe Smith
The King & I: Rowena Orcullo Ryan
Most Outstanding Contribution as LEAD ACTOR
The Sound of Musicals: Male Ensemble – Shane/ Brad/ George
One Act Plays: Jack Lovett
Away: Max Drummond
The Addams Family: Daniel O’Connell
The King & I: Malcolm Mckenzie
Most Outstanding Contribution as LEAD ACTRESS
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Michelle Macwhirter
The Sound of Musicals: Female Ensemble – Stef/ Naomi/ Ali/ Elizabeth/ Michelle
One Act Plays: Laney McLean/ Corinne Meunier
Away: Olivia Samin
The Addams Family: Cat Deller
The King & I: Kellie Wilson
Most Outstanding Contribution as DIRECTOR
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business: Amy-Louise Anderson
The Sound of Musicals: Shane Caddaye
One Act Plays: Elizabeth Celi
Away: Stuart Lumsden
The Addams Family: Jay Ahrens/Susan Austin
The King & I: Stuart Morgan
Most Outstanding PRODUCTION
Secret Bridesmaid Business
The Sound of Musicals
One Act Plays
The Addams Family
The King & I


Entry: $5 at the door.

No pre-booking required


Saturday 29 February, 2020