Charitable Intent Auditions


As in many of Williamson’s recent social drama/comedies, the culture of the narcissist and bully boy is firmly in evidence, except this time it’s a warrior woman causing tension and friction. Flinty and poised, Bryony is the chief executive of an organisation called Enabling and Caring, which aims to help the intellectually and physically impaired. But Bryony’s self-aggrandising vision and fund-raising ploys take a terrible toll. It’s typically a case of the new guard riding roughshod over the old as the diligent and devoted are made to look recalcitrant and complacent. The board has called for mediation because the relationship between staff members has become untenable. The employees at E &C are all fighting for their jobs which creates an interesting powder keg of emotions as friend and colleagues are sometimes thrown under the bus. Which creates an amusing situation for the audience to watch, but for the characters it very serious. From the moment they enter the workplace conference to resolve ructions enveloping their charity organisation, it’s easy to spot the good, the bad and the in-between. As the convener, Jack Manning takes firm yet unobtrusive control of proceedings; the unadorned meeting room becomes a boxing ring of sorts. Allegiance is sworn, defences are up, tactics turn nasty, tempers flare and tears are shed.

Creative Team
Director – Gael Ballantyne

Key Dates
Auditions: 12th March, 2022
Preview: 1 July
Opening: 2 July
Closing: 23 July

Audition Information

You can access the character background and register for your audition time


Registration Form

Please be prepared to be at the theatre for the entire day, if required. 

Morning session: You will be allocated a 10 minute time slot to perform your monologue/scene.

Afternoon session: You work with Gael and fellow actors on group scenes, should you be asked to stay.

You will be sent a monologue or small scene in advance to prepare for the morning audition. Please complete the registration form above.

Please note: The comedy in Mr Williamson’s plays come from the pace of the dialogue. Please be aware you will have to commit to getting the script down as soon as possible. All actors will be onstage for the entirety of the play. Even though some of the younger Characters have a small amount of dialogue, they are still integral to the play. We will have fun discovering these characters and creating a fascinating insight into the world of Charitable Intent. 

Rehearsal: Three nights a week (not for all characters initially). Director will negotiate rehearsal times with cast and their availability.

*** Improvisation will be used in rehearsals and the audition process so please be prepared to let go and see where improvisation takes us.

Artists of all cultural ethnicities and backgrounds are encouraged to apply
Please note this will be an 18+ cast.

For any questions please contact the director Gael Ballentyne at

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