Management Committee(MANCOM)
President Lorraine (Laney) McLean
Vice-President Bruce Shearer
Secretary Dianne Ramshaw
Asst Secretary Leeanne Schultz
Front of House Leo Mevissen
Treasurer Wendy Barnes
Booking Officer T B A
Building Director Murray McLean
Technical Director David Thorndike
Librarian Lyn Smith
Publicity Director Roger McKenzie
Social / Catering ( ex officio) Jonathon Allwood
Wardrobe Dawn Warrington
Chair of Productions Julanne Shearer

Gold Coast Little Theatre has a system of two committees. The Management Committee (MANCOM) ensures the smooth running of the theatre with the help of Members who attend meetings once a month to submit reports, and we also have a Productions committee who oversee the plays selected for each GCLT season.

Productions Committee
Chair: Julanne Shearer

Noella Johnson         Stuart Lumsden 
Shane Caddaye        Valerie Cooney
Lyn Smith        Peter Williams