Management Committee(MANCOM)
President Lorraine (Laney) McLean
Vice-President Bruce Shearer
Immediate Past Pres Hugh Brophy
Secretary Dianne Ramshaw
Asst Secretary Leeanne Schultz
Front of House Leo Mevissen
Treasurer Wendy Barnes
Boooking Officer Nellie Mevissen
Building Director Murray McLean
Technical Director David Thorndike
Librarian Lyn Smith
Publicity Director Roger McKenzie
Social / Catering ( ex officio) Jonathon Allwood
Wardrobe Dawn Warrington
Chair of Productions Julanne Shearer

Gold Coast Little Theatre has a system of two committees. The Management Committee (MANCOM) ensures the smooth running of the theatre with the help of Members who attend meetings once a month to submit reports, and we also have a Productions committee who oversee the plays selected for each GCLT season.

Productions Committee
Chair: Julanne Shearer

Noella Johnson         Stuart Lumsden 
Shane Caddaye        Valerie Cooney
Lyn Smith        Peter Williams